Suggested meeting format

Hi, my name is __________. I’d like to welcome you to this MARA meeting. Let’s start our meeting with 2 minutes of silence.

Read: The MARA Preamble: “We, of Medication-Assisted Recovery Anonymous, believe that medication is a therapeutic tool of recovery that may or may not be discontinued in time, dependent upon the needs of the individual.”
– MARA Preamble

MARA meetings are solution-focused. We emphasize no judgement of others nor harsh judgement of ourselves. We ask that you not say anything which may interfere with the progress of another human being or one’s own progress. On that note, there is no reason to talk about a particular drug or alcohol. We wish to maintain a safe lifestyle and help others to learn how to live this way.

This is a: (Discussion meeting), (Topic Meeting), (Step Meeting). At this time please silence any electronic devices you may be carrying. If you have any papers you would like to get signed, pass them to me now. You can pick them up at the end of the meeting.

This group is autonomous, independent and may vary from other MARA groups.

If you are new to MARA or from out of town and would like to introduce yourself to the group, please do so now: ________________.

I want to remind everyone that we do not give medical advice or directions to others. Any medical direction needs to be done by an outside physician. We must stress this because giving medical advice can be dangerous and could lead to death. We want to enjoy life, yet not forget that addiction can be a matter of life or death.

Whether or not you are utilizing medication-assisted recovery, you are welcome here. We welcome all people seeking recovery from an unsafe lifestyle.

MARA has no requirements. No referrals are needed. We have no initiation fees, no contracts to sign. Nothing is required of you and you are free to come and go as you like. We will not chase you down nor attempt to make you seek recovery. You are a member of this fellowship when you say you are. We welcome all who attend our meetings with open arms.

Would someone please read the Twelve Steps of MARA? (A member reads)
Being that today’s meeting is a (Topic) (General Discussion) (Step) meeting, we are going to focus on (Name to Topic or the Step). Or “As a general discussion meeting, let’s try to focus on staying in the solution while we share.”

**If the group is crowded you can ask that they limit their sharing to 5 minutes in order for others to have the opportunity to speak.

Halfway through the meeting the chairperson can announce that MARA is still a small organization and that we would like to grow. If you are able to donate there is a basket being passed. If you are unable to donate regardless of the reason, please do not feel badly in any way. We just want you to feel comfortable here and come back. Once again, non-judgement is our code.